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Visions in Print

Allegra LaViola Gallery
179 East Broadway, 917 463 3901
East Village / Lower East Side
June 29 - August 6, 2011
Reception: Wednesday, June 29, 6 - 9 PM
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Featuring: Rachel Burgess Donna Diamond Matthew Ellis Kirsten Flaherty Stephen Fredericks Rie Hasegawa Andy Hoogenboom Frances Jetter Max Kahan Denise Kasof Richie Lasansky Bill Maxwell Bill Murphy Miki Nagano Luda Pahl Justin Sanz Ben Her Phil Sanders Sara Sanders Russ Spitkovsky Evan Summer Panayiotis Terzis Bruce Waldman Steven Walker Jahee Yu

Allegra LaViola Gallery is pleased to present Visions in Print, a group show of works on paper. Curators Bruce Waldman and Kirsten Flaherty present a collection of contemporary images that combine recent works from both well-known printmakers and promising young talents. The exhibition explores vision through silkscreen, etching, monoprint and other printmaking processes, with the overall intention of celebrating the venerable yet often under-appreciated art of printmaking.

The human form is celebrated by the delicate portraiture of Rachel Burgess. Burgess’s affectionate likenesses compliment Donna Diamond’s meticulous exploration of melancholy and loss. Portraiture also appears in the emotionally charged pieces of Jahee Yu. Similarly haunting are Stephen A. Fredericks, who creates an intimate impression of previous life in his prints, capturing the body of an animal and transforming it through one last process that celebrates its being.

Societal isolation is an issue touched upon through the detailed linoleum cuts of Frances Jetter and the abrasive monotypes of Russ Spitkovsky. These pieces seem to compliment the somber landscape ruins and barren cities of Bill Murphy, an artist who is known for his psychological images depicting the effect’s of our culture’s ecological footprint. The relatable characters in the expressive etchings of Andy Hoogenboom, Richie Lansansky, and Bruce Waldman, stand in contrast to the aggression-charged images of Max Kahan and Kirsten Flaherty.

Bill Maxwell’s large-scale modern abstractions, along with Denise Kasof’s steel-wool arrangements, Justin Sanz’s surrealist etchings, and Rie Hasegawa’s monotypes, create a world particular to the artist. Both the immense architectural forms of Evan Summer, and the refined technique of Phil Sanders remind the viewer of the classical origins of printmaking, and the learned artistry of a master printer.

Visions in Print is a unique collaboration of twenty-five printmakers from across the artistic kaleidoscope, unititng varying subject matter in the common theme of process.
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