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Fresh from Rio: Marcelo Macedo and Mateu Velasco

FB Gallery
368 Broadway, No. 209, 917.495.2457
Tribeca / Downtown
July 29 - September 3, 2011
Reception: Friday, July 29, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Francois Baron, proprietor established the FB Gallery— to bring together the collective talents of South American artists who have made the unique genre of street art their profession.

This two-person show entitled Fresh from Rio, will showcase the work of Brazilain artists Marcelo Macedo (aka Mack Viralata) and Mateu Velasco.

About the Artisits:

Marcelo Macedo (aka Mack Viralata), native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was born in 1983. His work depicts motifs of animals, plants and minerals, spiritual guides, symbols and numbers in a careful blend and balance using a delicate personal finish. Marcelo usually takes his drawings to the streets, which in turn, provides materials for the construction of new pieces: paper, wood, discarded objects gain new life and meaning. Reflected in his work is the concern of the speed and consumerism of modern man.

Mateu Velasco was born in 1980, in New York, but moved to Brazil shortly thereafter — he considers himself more Brazilian than American. Mateu’s work discusses the art’s democratization by converting the public space into an aesthetic space. Mateu’s art reveals a reality we live in, but do not notice, stimulating our memory and sensibility through its critical and conceptual poetics. Rich in references of the daily urban experience, his graffiti denotes the persistent need of the city’s humanization.
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