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The Anti-Glasswork Art 2011 in New York

AG Gallery/About Glamour
107A North 3rd Street, 718-599-3044
August 19 - August 24, 2011
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Summer Exhibition Series 2011

“The Anti-Glasswork Art 2011 in New York”


August 19 – 24, 2011

AG Gallery/About Glamour pleased to announce that we are having a solo exhibition by Takao Sakata, Japan based glasswork artist, “The Anti-Glasswork Art 2011 in New York” from August 19th through 24th, as a part of the Summer Exhibition Series of Japanese artists 2011.

“When we look at the glasswork art in there days, I can only see weak, cheap, and flatter works. They are called “the modern glass art” or “the world glass art” and seen as if they are the real art. Glass artisans without strong belief and knowledge and the lack of outstanding glasswork art critics abstract making progress of the art. The substantial of art is to express nature, society and human being through clear sense and techniques. It means the attribute of glass material doesn’t produce any arts. Marcel Duchamp signed that people in this century had been blind completely to the art. It is also the severe criticism to the modern glasswork art.”

- Takao Sakata

TAKAO SAKATA Live/work in Shiga, Japan Graduated From Tokyo Glass Art Institute

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