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Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Avenue
September 4 - September 4, 2011
Reception: Sunday, September 4, 7:30 - 10 PM
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Juan Fernando Morales;


Vaudeville Park is pleased to present artist Juan Fernando Morales in the action MNEMOTECNIA, an evening performance that shall synthesize elements of installation, sound, and light to investigate the relationship of physical work to memory.

MNEMOTECNIA weaves together 4 of the basic commonalities of human existence – work; sustenance; the dream; and sensual perception. This installation combines a contemporary art intervention with agricultural traditional values, and takes the form both of a stage and a room for sharing meals: an architecture or structure for living and socializing together.

Juan Fernando Morales invokes the narrative histories present in common inanimate objects. Using tools of iron such as the machete, the hoe, and the scythe, and juxtaposing the basic corporeal activities of eating, resting, dreaming, the artist comments upon the action of thinking through repetitive physical action.

Authentic Puerto Rican country soup and plantains will be served free to all guests.

For more information please contact [email protected]
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