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Jacob Robichaux , Stickkarton

American Contemporary
4 East 2nd Street, 347.789.7072
East Village / Lower East Side
September 21 - October 21, 2011
Reception: Wednesday, September 21, 6 - 8 PM
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American Contemporary is pleased to present “Stickkarton,” an exhibition by Jacob Robichaux.

The exhibition consists of an installation of sculptural works on paper that further expand on Robichauxʼs interest in developing a language of tactile materials and process-driven methods of transformation and play. The works are constructed on paper grounds made of sheets of Stickkarton paper, an educational tool used to develop hand-eye motor coordination.

Continuing his fetishistic approach to materials and their collection Robichaux has sewn together sheets of the perforated Stickkarton paper to create large panels. Onto these panels he has painted, sewn and tied, layered tangles of straws, jute, string, whistles, holes, linen, sticks and silk to create screens of sculptural debris. His decision to paint the objects and materials white privileges form and texture, unifies the disparate components, and requires that the viewer look closely to differentiate the individual elements. The nearly monochrome surface is contoured by areas embellished with red and blue pencil and more stubborn moments of color visible through the transparency of the paint.

The installation extends the spirit of play that drives his practice. The Stickkarton works are displayed with varied modes of presentation—on a constructed wall, on an armature and through a screen. He presents the works as sculptural objects, and the viewer is encouraged to look at, through, inside, behind, under and around them. Robichaux considers the exhibition and each work within it as a system of arrangements: materials, objects, gestures and actions that determine one possible stopping point in an open-ended process. A performance during the course of the exhibition will further alter the physical presence of the works and lend them additional context. Robichaux has exhibited widely at galleries including Museum 52, New York and London; Chez Valentin, Paris; DʼAmelio Terras, New York; Horton Gallery, New York; and Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles. He has performed at MoMA/PS1, Museum 52, New York, and Jack Hanley, New York. His work has been included in numerous publications, including editions of North Drive Press and Art in America. An interview with artist Paul Lee will be included in the forthcoming edition of ==.
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