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Kunsthalle Galapagos
16 Main Street, 718-222-8500
September 23 - October 9, 2011
Reception: Saturday, September 24, 6 - 9 PM
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Hannah Smith Allen Caleb Brown Matthew Conradt Eric LoPresti Kenneth Millington Jacob Rhodes

Described by Rolling Stones’ lead singer Mick Jagger as an “apocalyptic, end-of-the-world song,” their 1969 release “Gimme Shelter” came to embody the feelings of the times and marked an end of idealism for a generation who believed they could change the world.

Kunsthalle Galapagos presents Gimme Shelter, a group exhibition that examines the uncertainty and disquiet of our current times. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Rolling Stones song, the show features artists who examine the parallels pervading our present circumstances of economic strife, war, and unrest. Working across disciplines and mediums, these artists investigate our media-driven culture, the underlying violence in our society, apocalyptic visions, and the disillusionment with the American Dream. Overall, their work reveals an upheaval in our sense of optimism and a shift towards a new kind of realism.
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