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what remains gallery show by Landspersky&Landspersky

Kidd Yellin
133 Imlay Street, 917-860-1147
Brooklyn Misc.
September 29 - October 2, 2011
Reception: Thursday, September 29, 6 - 8 PM
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Art changes the brain directly and our culture indirectly through the deliverance of creativity. The Endeavor for pleasure and insight is in itself- reinforcing and offers astounding possibilities in the honest and intelligent use of art – If you felt it once, you want to feel it again.

But to subsume the desire for art just in consuming experiences and sensations is an unhealthy and dangerous approach towards art and its vibrant varieties. We find that the dynamics of culture have multiple causes and consequences, especially in the art world, and may depend on specific historical circumstances. Our admirable work consists in the willful exploration of this truism, which evokes an individual view and furthermore imposes a sparkling source of sensual contingencies. The mutual attempt is to retain the quest for the essence of art and its values through the idea of recycling In fact, culture is a storehouse of templates, designs and plans and exposed to time its perception transforms like the proliferation of meaning in private space and the stigma of constantly redefining cultural interests in the public space. For this reason, art remains a bliss for everyone, whose cultural effort is not satisfied by conserving the shared heritage.

To impart a sense of urgency, art still assures a distinctive space of importance and heuristic autonomy to dare contemplation and recognition,which leads to the question: Does culture include material artifacts?

The Motivation for our challenging Work in progress is to query the practices within the multidimensional art world and to comprehend its obviously vanishing, nonetheless essential relations towards society by maintaining that “what remains”.
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