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TNC Gallery
155 1st Avenue at 10th Street, 212-254-1109
East Village / Lower East Side
September 28 - October 26, 2011
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“Mixed Up!” at the TNC Gallery 155 First Avenue NYC runs through October 26th daily from 12-8. “Mixed Up!” is a happily disordered display of mixed media work: painting, drawing, sculpture; words, images, words and images; small works, large works, funny and serious works; immediately obvious works and ponder-the-meaning works; hanging-from-the-ceiling works and nailed-to-the-wall works. There is even a walk-into-it work. The participating artists are Gem Aydogan, Brian Whiteley, Chris Georgalas, William S. Walker, Liam O’Brien, Ryan Roth, Robert Johnson, and Iviva Olenick. The common denominator: 8 artists mixing things up to make some sense of the mayhem. Peter J. Ketchum, Curator
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