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New Labor

LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University
310 Dodge Hall, 116th Street & Broadway, 212-854-4065
November 16 - December 7, 2005
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Featuring: Shinsuke Aso, Ronnie Bass, Tommy Hartung, Lynne Chan, Sam Lewitt, Warren Neidich, Ana Prvacki, Peter Simensky, Ania Siwanowicz and Jacob Stein.

Three bouts of Thai boxing on opening night. Lifestyle consultations on a Karim Rashid sofa. A one-man postcard production and marketing line. Collaborative experimentations with advanced neuroscientists, cutting-edge ornithologists and a corporate lawyer. Clearly, and to an increasing extent, contemporary artists are busying themselves with forms and disciplines that would not seem to belong in the gallery.

The 16 participants in New Labor do not share a particular style or agenda. Some place themselves squarely in a logic of commercial exchange, others assume postures ranging from the caustic to the hopeful to the impenetrable. What brings these artists together is the primary medium they have all chosen: scripts and gestures poached directly from the economic sphere, particularly from the sector of immaterial services. New Labor offers a lively sampling of these peculiar and decidedly humorous stagings, and several opportunities to come to terms with the puzzling implications of this new sensibility.

New Labor features installations by Shinsuke Aso, Ronnie Bass and Tommy Hartung (both MFA 2006), Lynne Chan (MFA 2006), Sam Lewitt, Warren Neidich, Ana Prvacki, Peter Simensky, Ania Siwanowicz and Jacob Stein (MFA 2005). Shinsuke Aso (Mondays and Fridays) and Ana Prvacki (by on-site appointment) will be performing in the gallery during normal business hours.

The catalog, designed by Ania Siwanowicz and offered for sale as part of her installation, documents some of the pieces in the show and functions as a supplementary space of conversation. It holds contributions by all of the artists above, as well as Ei Arakawa, Daniel Bozhkov, Seth Price, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Eric Angles (MFA 2006) who conceived the project.
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