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Kathleen Vance ‘Outgrowth of Nature’

Art 101
101 Grand Street, 718-302-2242
October 13 - November 6, 2011
Reception: Thursday, October 13, 6 - 9 PM
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The exhibition is in three parts and includes Vance’s amazingly intricate drawings; part of the Traveling Landscape series; and a new installation for the Boundstick series, “Out of the Woods.”

The natural world is the inspiration for all aspects of Vance’s work. “I look for the ways in which nature can be brought back into the course of one’s daily life.

“My drawings are for the most part untitled, wood panel, and pen and ink on paper. (They) relate to the Boundsticks series and the Traveling Landscapes. There will be a selection of drawings that reference the sites where the sticks/branches have been collected for the Boundsticks installation, and works that relate to the Traveling Landscapes, thinking of waterways and landmass creation.

“With the series entitled “Traveling Landscapes”, vignettes of nature are encapsulated within steamer trunks and train cases aged through travel.

Displaced elements indicative of natural landscapes are presented in partially opened cases, as to not fully expose the delicateness of what is contained within.

“In the series entitled “Boundsticks” I investigate the association of a material to its point of origin and how its individual identity can be strengthened when removed from its natural habitat.”

Kathleen Vance is a director of The Front Room Gallery. Her work has been shown extensively in Germany where she was a visiting artist (Berlin) and in a number of galleries in Chelsea and Williamsburg. She received a BFA from Pratt and an MFA from Hunter.

She is the recipient of grants from The Puffin Foundation and The Brooklyn Arts Council, among others.
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