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The Last Generation

291 Church Street, 212-431-5270
Tribeca / Downtown
November 30, 2005 - January 7, 2006
Reception: Wednesday, December 7, 6 - 8 PM
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Featuring: Kota Ezawa, Malachi Farrell, Wayne Gonzales, Emilie Halpern, Jan Mancuska, Laurent Montaron, Scott Myles, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven.

Curated by Max Henry.

Nostalgia will take a back seat as The Last Generation looks at the interplay between analog and digital.

In the included works: The body is represented as a robotic tool that receives commands from an unknown source, coldly executing movements that (strangely) emote human neuroses / Text references hypertext, physical aberrations of mass produced signage, and the structure of words as thought in constructed form and connotation / The propagandistic visual sound-bytes of the media are enlarged to a colossal scale, compounding their power to induce fear and awe / The retrieval of dreams from the database of the unconscious underscores the encoded narrative of sleep cycles and the search for their meanings / Simply animated characters move with analog-like slowness like our lowest common denominator, the consuming television viewer / A vortex of complexly layered pop imagery references western philosophers, numerology, cognitive association, and spatial perception, mirroring the brain’s synaptic response to a flood information and our ability to process it / Eastern mysticism and metaphysical transcendence are evident in the landscape where a person dematerializes. Is this a romantic gesture or a hallucinatory moment in the virtual?
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