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Felix Schramm, Comber


Andreas Grimm New York
530 West 25th Street, 2nd floor, 212-352-2388
November 17, 2005 - January 28, 2006
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The first US exhibition of the work of Düsseldorf-based artist, Felix Schramm. Comber is an installation using wood, drywall, paint and other materials which completely transforms the Grimm|Rosenfeld NY gallery, and continues the artist’s focus on the psychological effects of the transmutation of space.

Schramm changes the gallery, first by installing a completely new ground and ceiling in the entire exhibition space. The slope in ceiling and floor strip the familiar “white cube” of its reliable reference points. Inside the space, the viewer is surrounded by buckling, breaking and falling forms, bursting through the ceiling and ground. These forms seem to tenuously balance themselves on tiny points, and the apparent violence with which the structures have been made gives way to surprising vistas, shifting light and the touch with which Schramm aligns edges, balances mass and resolves line and color.

Much of the formal inspiration for Schramm’s work comes from public and institutional architecture. By breaking apart archetypal versions of these spaces, as well as the specific locations in which he creates his installations, Schramm exposes a multiplicity of tensions in experience: between architectonic shapes and the negative space created by them, between new, builder’s-grade materials and the used and found materials that he sometimes employs, between construction and destruction, meditation and violence, the impulse to build and the inertia of gravity. Although his interventions are very carefully composed, the roughness of the materials, the jarring angles and the uncomfortable spatial incursions often seem to be the result of some terrible disaster, as if the room had opened up just long enough to accept some falling wreckage—only to close again.
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