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Cornelia Jensen “STRUCTURE + LIGHT” and Rebecca Aidlin “Water”

Giacobetti Paul Gallery
111 Front Street, No. 220, 917-548-8107
December 1 - December 31, 2011
Reception: Thursday, December 1, 6 - 9 PM
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Cornelia Jensen STRUCTURE + LIGHT

Cornelia Jensen creates an enveloping view into an all-white world of utopian fantasy. It is an exhibition of wall sculptures and installations including a small-scale cityscape, all illuminated from within. Her found-object assemblages have evolved into an exploration of found-design, merging discarded Styrofoam packing material and light. Her use of light adds intangibility to mass, affecting our perception of the material. This interface of mundane artifacts and perceptual mysteriousness, transforms our conception of what are common avenues to the sublime. (Best viewed in darkness.)

Rebecca Aidlin Water

Aidlin’s recent works include delicate mixed media paintings and lightweight sculptures made of wire and plaster. The paintings are done on thin paper with wax crayon rubbings from cut woodblocks, and washes of water based inks, the wax acting as a resist to the ink. This results in the creation of atmospheric landscapes and seascapes. The sculptures are drawn from natural forms, movement and growth, among other ideas, that develop as improvisations. They have a theatrical quality, as the lighting and shadows created transform the pieces and their surrounding space.
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