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Finding Time

The Palisades
43-35 10th Street
Long Island City
December 10 - December 12, 2011
Reception: Saturday, December 10, 8 - 11 PM
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FINDING TIME Curated by Nina Culotta

Alex Casso Marie Catalano Shaina Donovan & Tyler Rico Nick Etre Graham Hamilton Dan Herschlein Ben Horns G. William Webb

Featuring the work of nine emerging, New York-based artists, Finding Time explores how our awareness of time’s passage might be remembered, marked, recorded, layered, flattened, stopped and repeated using palpable objects and material gestures.

Contemporary globalized information networks have drastically changed the way we perceive time. The hours, days, and years that it once took for information to pass from one end of the globe to the other have been flattened into a single, instantaneous moment of transfer. While physical documents, images, conversations and experiences are subject to loss and manipulation over time, especially when given to memory, information stored on the Cloud has a seemingly infinite lifespan.

This new experiential mode melds uneasily with the slower duration of a material world characterized by decay, distances, and the capacity to forget. The work in this show can be seen as an attempt to establish a physical relationship to time from within this context. By taking an intuitive, process-based approach to material objects, these artists address the many ways we might situate ourselves within the flux of contemporary experience.
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