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All That Glitters

Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts
526 West 26th Street, Suite 605, 212-463-8500
November 17, 2005 - January 2, 2006
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Featuring: Denise Azira, Nicole Cherubini, Andrea Corsan, Gabriella Kiss, Diana Kingsley, Ted Muehling, John Noestheden, Kiki Smith, and Gregg Wolf.

The evolution of jewelry design runs parallel to that of art styles. In the early 17th century the Georgian jewels included brooches decked out in clusters of large gems and tiaras. The 18th century Victorian jewels were inspired by Greek and Egyptian designs. The Art Deco jewels played with patterns of bright contrasting colors. These are just a few trends that have emerged in the ever changing world of jewelry design. The artists featured in All That Glitters, amongst them Denise Azira, Nicole Cherubini, Andrea Corsan, Gabriella Kiss, Diana Kingsley, Ted Muehling, John Noestheden, Kiki Smith and Gregg Wolf, have crafted exquisite pieces that simultaneously are of our time and allude to past stylistic trends.

All That Glitters brings together a great corpus of works by these contemporary artists, which includes both wearable jewelry and conceptual works with jewelry as the underlying theme. Many of the works draw their inspiration from nature – some by being vaguely reminiscent of flora and fauna while others by outright mimicking it. Other pieces are inspired by technology and others yet by mythology. There are also pieces which explore, so to speak, a theme that is self-reflexive. These are the non-representative pieces, the focus of which is purely aesthetic adornment and embellishment. Yet, irrespective of the various themes, there is a single underlying objective that is explored by all these artists and that is also the objective of “All That Glitters.”

The salient objective of this show is to explore the continuing allure of jewelry that has captivated us for centuries. Whether it be an amulet or bling-bling, or whether it be a symbol of love or power, jewelry has always been an epitome of the object of desire. This is the aspect of jewelry that has been omnipresent throughout the globe and resilient to change despite the evolving trends.

Get ready to be razzle-dazzled.
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