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Status! Status! Status!

Interstate Projects (56 Bogart)
56 Bogart Street, 718-412-8726
December 16 - December 18, 2011
Reception: Friday, December 16, 6 - 9 PM
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Interstate Projects present’s Status! Status! Status!, a weekend long exhibition and workshop about artists and immigration law, organized by Curatorial Group AGWF.


The exhibition champions the accomplishments and impending struggles of international artist currently residing in New York. The gloom of administrative and quotidian preoccupations can make the life of artists brash and tiresome. Depending on the circumstances of each artist, achieving status and recognition in the US can injure the development of creativity. Status! Status! Status! signals a superficial difference between friends, which can be overcome. It is then the goal of this exhibition to present friends with cordiality. A respect for amity results in a tolerance of stylistic dis-ambiguities. Therefore, we present work from individuals sharing in a common contingency. The works exhibited will radiate not only with the poetics of their appearance, but with commonalities that perforate the daily life of their authors.


When individuals are confronted with large-scale administrative problems, a Do-It-Yourself, or a tutorial are not always enough. Instead, we suggest: Do-It-Together! Working together avoids the isolation and muteness that often accompanies international artists throughout their practice. Thus, the purposed events jettison these dismal situations for the opportunities of friendship, mutual aid, and problem solving. Status! Status! Status! Workshop is focused on cooperatively solving the mundane and logistical problems confronting international artists. We want a potluck of information on the process from both professional and personal experience; a moment for sharing tips, hints, tricks and advice among participants. Those involved are encouraged to bring anything, which may be helpful. Together we can come to solutions, which are unexpected, innovative and empowering.

Workshop Schedule:

Saturday, December 17th, 2-6 pm – General Information, Testimonial, Work Session, Individual Q&A Sunday, December 18th, 2-6 pm – Overview of Individual Materials, Extended Q&A

AGWF is a curatorial group based in Brooklyn, New York. It works to arrange shows on a variety of themes and types of artwork. As working artists themselves, AGWF works to discuss topics both in and outside the field of art.

Interstate Projects focuses on young, emerging artists, and works to connect artists and ideas from across the country.

Directions: L train to Morgan Ave. The gallery is located on the first floor of 56 Bogart St, with the main building entrance about 50 feet from the rear exit of the subway. Please follow the signs directing you to the gallery once inside the building.
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