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Greg Wilken: Curated by Sharon Lockhart

CUE Art Foundation (511 West 25th)
511 West 25th Street, Ground Floor, 212-206-3583
January 26 - March 10, 2012
Reception: Thursday, January 26, 6 - 8 PM
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From the curator’s statement:

“At this point, it is a cliche to say that we live in an era of information overload. With all the emails, web-surfing and media each person faces in a day, it is a fact of life. Yet in all that information, there is much that is overlooked. We are more likely to look forward for new forms and content than carefully back at the information stream itself. Greg Wilken’s investigations of lost or overlooked archival material involve detailed research and conceptual analysis. He looks for this places in which the information society becomes explicit: in which histories define the landscape, in which the bureaucracy attempts to cover up its tracks, in which media shape the nature of spectacle. Almost all his projects involve elegant self-published books in addition to photographs and films. His work is literary in the sense that it is fascinated with the language of images and archives, and it carefully mines, both looking for way to pick apart that language and see how it relates to economic, political and social histories.” —Sharon Lockhart

This marks Los Angeles-based artist Greg Wilken’s first solo exhibition in New York City. Works on view will include photographs from his recent series The Road of a Thousand Wonders.
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