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Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street, at Broome, 212-244-6004
East Village / Lower East Side
February 1 - February 5, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, February 1, 7 - 10 PM
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Christopher Henry Gallery presents Anti-Oxidant: Promantic a group show of Video Art curated by Jason LeBlond and Christina Medina. A delicious assortment of works have been compiled into a single reel, which will be projected large scale on the gallery’s main wall.

All of the components of Anti-Oxidant: Promantic fall into the chemical classification of the purest substance known to man: LOVE. The thematic selection is packed with dietary supplements more powerful than vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione combined. Anti-Oxidant: Promantic provides over 200% of the recommended daily value of nutrients such as romance, desire, passion, and inspiration. Of all known anti-oxidants LOVE is the most potent and has been proven to have healing properties, reduce stress, combat aging, prevent disease, and cure depression. Possible side affects may include: blindness, bleeding, confusion, and suicidal thoughts.

A line up of free radicals such as DEV HARLAN, CODY CRITCHELOE, BEC STUPAK, MARCO OVANDO, ROB ROTH, SEAN CAPONE, JULIA OLDHAM, CLINTON CURTIS-QUERCI, LINDSAY BENNIDICT, FRANCK PAGLIERI, and WONDERPUSS OCTOPUS break it down for us. Their moving images serve as visual catalysts for chain reactions ranging from infatuation and obsession to heartbreak and cellular deterioration. The artists’ individual expressions range from moody short experimental films, to dazzling computer generated animation, to sublime moving paintings, to fun-filled music videos and “how-to” video parodies. The good, bad, ugly, and most often beautiful aspects of LOVE are all portrayed, resulting in a show which will alter you on a molecular level… your cells will thank you.
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