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Eddie Rehm: The Belligerent Plasticity of Duality in He, Himself

Dino Eli Gallery
81 Hester Street
East Village / Lower East Side
February 11 - February 24, 2012
Reception: Saturday, February 11, 4 - 8 PM
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The Dino Eli Gallery is proud to announce its first exhibition of cutting-edge, “Instant Gratification Abstract”, contemporary art, hosting works by celebrated New York artist, Eddie Rehm. ” The Belligerent Plasticity of Duality in He , Himself, refers to the concept that also defines the idea that you can start out well, get to something, and for some reason, maybe it’s me just saying ##* it, unconsciously sabotaging it and watching it all go to %*%x%x. We can be our own worst enemy without even realizing why. But you come to the point where you say, “I’ve got to stop doing this.” You can take that negative side, and turn it around on its head and make it something that can be productive, using its strength towards a positive outcome. Effectively in hindsight it becomes a Blessing in Disguise.” Rehm says. A theme or script in our lives that seems entirely relevant in our current societies state & a strong powerful recurring theme in the Lastest Works Revealed by Eddie Rehm.

“The art work is belligerently striking, with art-medium experimentation, a style all in It’s own and since I‘m committed to bringing my clients & patrons high quality, investment grade art, I just had to work with my represented artist Eddie Rehm to exhibit an eclectic array of art that sets a forward standard with the addition of my newest gallery” says Dino Eli owner of both Orchard Windows Gallery & the Dino Eli Gallery.

“If art history has taught us anything, it’s that pre- and post-war economic ups and downs, and society in its progression as a whole, have given art a nuance. The artistic styles, movements and artists in these time periods signify just that. We are on the precipice of a major change much needed right now in our society. I feel that 21st century art will reflect that change and bring back art for art’s sake. I think of the simplistic quote, “Out with the old and in with the new”— artists need to create, and the ones that do will be the ones known to me and you,” Rehm says.

Eddie Rehm is one of the hottest new artists to emerge in a long time. His work has been described by art critics and analysts as “a fusion of raw emotion, deliberately instinctual design, and art-medium experimentation.” He has participated in numerous solo exhibitions, displaying in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Miami , East Hampton and Pennsylvania, as well as many local Art Leagues and Associations.

This is the must-see art event in the Lower East Side, of Manhattan in the New Year! Come to the exhibition simply to get a forward looking glimpse of examples of early 21st century art. “ The 21st Century will not consist of perfect execution but of a concept analogous to the moral of the times,” Rehm says. According to Dino Eli, “Eddie Rehm has a style that is unique, raw, and belligerently refreshing. It’s only a matter of time before the whole world knows who this artist is.” The Dino Eli Gallery is proud to reveal the latests works of represented artist Eddie Rehm in a solo exhibition entitled “The Belligerent Plasticity of Duality in He, Himself.”

Also, I will be unveiling an 8ft x 14ft triptic mixed media painting on cotton with an installation modified frame set to the highest standard of “Belligerence”. The exhibit will include other paintings , one sculpture & various installation pieces to transcend the shows theme & visually stimulate the viewer.
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