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SAPC Opens in Bushwick!

Agape Enterprise
56 Bogart Street, Suite 1Q, 718-417-0037
February 17 - February 19, 2012
Reception: Friday, February 17, 7 - 9 PM
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Agape Enterprise is pleased to present the Grand Opening of SAPC in Bushwick. SAPC (Shinsuke Aso Post Card) is a postcard company owned and operated by the artist Shinsuke Aso. For the weekend-long celebration of SAPC’s Grand Opening, Aso will turn Agape Enterprise into a one-man factory/specialty postcard shop.

He will be producing a series of unique cards on-site for a three-day weekend performance. All cards are made from 100% recycled, found materials and are available for 25 cents each.

The SAPC project is the result of personal experience within the public sphere. Aso, the second son of a local storeowner in the countryside of Japan, draws inspiration from the roles of individuals and small communities acting within the larger framework of a global economy. To this end, the resourcefulness of his grandmother, who left nothing to waste (such as turning the backs of advertisements into notepaper), and the trust of farmers in his hometown (who sold unshapely vegetables for a lesser price in unattended roadside stands), are concerns intrinsic to Aso’s business model.

SAPC cards may be an artwork or a communication device, depending on how the audience recognizes it.

Shinsuke Aso was born in Gumma, Japan in 1979. After graduating from Kitakanto School of Fine Arts in Gumma, Japan, he moved to New York and received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2004. He has exhibited nationally and internationally including MoMA P.S.1, Tobey Fine Arts, Minus Space, The Center for Book Arts in New York, Maebashi Cultural Institute in Gumma, Japan, Markus Winter Gallery in Berlin, Germany, ParisCONCRET, Paris, France and Pera Museum in Istanbul, Turkey. His works have been collected by The Center for Book Arts. Aso lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Agape Enterprise is a parlor/exhibition space concentrating on performative artwotk joined with elements of social engagement. Set in an antique room that was previously used as an office within a manufacturing building, we accommodate monthly performances, discussions and events, offer an ongoing salon-style group presentation of materialized artwork, and produce a yearly archival catalog. Agape Enterprise aims to present various aspects of “performativity” and “social engagement” within both ephemeral and material contemporary art practice. We are located at the heart of the artistic community, Bushwick, in a building that houses a number of other alternative spaces.
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