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The 22 Magazine Presents: Fixins an evening of music, art, food and puppetry

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Avenue
April 26 - April 26, 2012
Reception: Thursday, April 26, 6 - 11 PM
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The 22 Magazine is pleased to present an evening of music, art, food, and puppetry with Andru Bemis, Anna Gevalt, Elizabeth Laprelle, and Katherine Fahey. They will collectively present a evening of collaborative traditional ballad, fiddle, and banjo music. Anna, Elizabeth, and Katherine will also be presenting a cranky. A cranky is a hand-cranked scrolling device, illustrating a story or song. They will be joined by puppeteer Daniel Patrick Fay, and visual artists Jimmy McBride, Megan Canning, Eileen Hoffman, Reineke Hollander, and more. The event will take place on April 26, at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn. Preceding the show there will be a shadow puppet workshop and square dancing lessons with Anna and Elizabeth.


ANDRU BEMIS: Since 2001, Andru Bemis has wandered the ends, edges and in-betweens of North America more times than he can count-by passenger train, foot, thumb, bicycle, bus, subway, ski and occasional aeroplane. Wearing a three-piece suit and a derby hat, he carries his beat-up instruments on his back: banjo, guitar, sometimes a fiddle or banjo ukulele…. Call him a “Folk” musician if you will. Bemis plays music for folks, simple as that. His unmistakable voice, lightning-fast banjo and expressive finger-picked guitar styles, quirky humor, engaging stage presence and exquisitely crafted tunes of travel, love and longing have earned Bemis a dedicated following throughout Mexico, Canada, the U.S. and beyond. Website:

KATHERINE FAHEY: Baltimore artist Katherine Fahey is a shadow puppeteer, singer, and printmaker, whose recent collaborations have brought shadow puppetry to the independent music scene, most notably her music video for Wye Oak. Kathy’s video for Wye Oak’s Fish: watch?v=VgGdrVRNlbQ

ANNA ROBERST-GEVALT AND ELIZABETH LAPRELLE: Anna & Elizabeth, from Virginia, present sparsely arranged ballads, hymns, lullabies and rousing fiddle and banjo tunes that are deeply rooted in the stories and kitchen music of the mountains they call home. They have spent the past year collecting songs and stories of music and the mountains, which they have been sharing across Virginia and the US, recently focusing on the stories and music of ballad singers Addie Graham of East Kentucky and Texas Gladden of Virginia. Anna & Elizabeth’s crankie of The Lost Gander: Elizabeth LaPrelle: Anna Roberts-Gevalt:

DANIEL PATRICK FAY: Daniel Patrick Fay is a New York based artist, puppeteer, writer, director and performer. He attended The Pratt Institute, where he studied painting, art education, and object-based performance under Theodora Skipitares. In 2009 he received an FFT fellowship that enabled him to study puppetry in Bali and Java with internationally recognized Wayang Kulit Masters Wayang Wija, and Ki Purbo Asmoro. Upon returning in 2010 he left his teaching career, and began worked on a variety of collaborative and solo shows including The Land of Shadow, Labapalooza, Coyote Pursues, Compulsion, Hobo Grunt Cycle, A Secret History of The Swedish Cottage, Savage Radio Plays , Mabou Mines under the direction of Lee Breuer, and Jessica Scott, as well as with The Puppet Kitchen in their production of Master Peter directed by Emily De Cola, and featured at The Castleton Opera Festival. His most recent performance credit is The Metropolitan Opera in this seasons production of Wagner’s The Ring Cycle directed by Robert Lepage. Website:

MEGAN CANNING: Megan Canning is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Ohio, she moved to New York City in 1999 to pursue her MFA degree in Painting at Hunter College, where she began to incorporate nontraditional materials and techniques, like fiber, soft sculpture, and hand-embroidery, into her drawings, paintings, and installations. Inspired by immunology, neuroscience, and traditional textiles, her work explores the dialogue between the physicality of the human body and the internal narrative of emotional and sensual memory. She holds an MFA in Painting from Hunter College and a BFA in Painting and Art Education from Ohio University. Her work has been collected and exhibited nationally, including recent shows in Bridgewater, Massachusetts and Seattle, Washington, and featured in several print and online publications. Website:

JIMMY MCBRIDE: Jimmy McBride is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He attended the Chicago Institute for the Arts and have show his quilted work around the US. Many of his works focus on detailed constellations and other intergalactic elements. Website:

EILEEN HOFFMAN: Eileen Hoffman is a sculptor and installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BS from Skidmore College, from which she graduated with honors, and an MFA in textiles and sculpture from Indiana University. Her art has been included in solo exhibitions and numerous group shows throughout the United States, most recently at the Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY. Her honors include the Artist in the Marketplace program at the Bronx Museum and the New Jersey Council on the Arts Grant. Website:

REINEKE HOLLANDER: Reineke Hollander was born in Rotterdam,The Netherlands.The timing of her birth, right after the end of World War II, has greatly influenced her art. The barrage of images and stories of interrupted lives made her focus, allegorically, on ‘things lost, or thrown away’. Another significant influence was traveling through Africa, where she found that the necessary improvisational quality of life, to use and reuse everything in imaginative ways, often leads to aesthetic qualities that manage to look ‘just right’. So, ‘what is lost, or thrown away and what you can do with it’ became the main source of her imagination and the practice of her work, which includes painting and sewing. Hollander’s work is included in numerous public and private collections in the Netherlands, Great-Britain, France, Germany, Israel and the United States. She lives and works mostly in New York City since 1987. Website:

ABOUT THE 22: Since late 2010, The 22 Magazine has been committed to presenting beautiful and thoughtful portrayals of artists, writers, musicians and the creative community with an emphasis on the creator and their work. Based in Brooklyn, The 22 is an online magazine that seeks to utilize the internet as a curatorial realm that is free from physical and some momentary restrictions. While a print version will be available shortly, the focus remains the digital realm and the dedication to presenting new, under represented works alongside more established pieces in a democratic manner. We seek structures that play off each other, enhance the whole, and seek to present work as a means of creative communication with other disciplines, creators and communities. Our credo is and remains,“strength in numbers.” It is this manner we create not only the magazine but our events, with careful consideration and research of our participants, and an eye on supporting the creative community as often and as much as we can. To read more about the magazine please visit: To view our first 2 volumes online visit:
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