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VOID Psychedelic Collage+Microscopic Mutation Photography

Dino Eli Gallery
81 Hester Street
East Village / Lower East Side
March 31 - March 31, 2012
Reception: Saturday, March 31, 7 - 11 PM
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DinoEliGallery presents


The soul is reborn repeatedly, it is the transmigration of the soul. Our true nature is pure awareness, our bodies arise as manifestations in the field of our own primal awareness. The body and brain filter the experiences which appear on the movie screen of our pure awareness. When neural communications between the body and brain are reduced, the brain is free to project your sense of self anywhere it chooses, and this can happen while under the preliminary and reversible stages of death, this is the holographic nature of human consciousness. I rationalize hallucinogenic use by stating that “You are nothing but chemistry.” Thus implying that it is acceptable to use chemicals to alter consciousness because you are chemicals bonded together in an organic biological machine.

I stood there on the F train subway platform, watching me, looking ahead at me, seeing myself where I stood. The energy is an ever flowing stem of color, light, and geometric shapes. An absence of all, no body, no time, no nothing, unparalleled, unphysical, unfeeling, the void.

2SHEA VHSK Psychedelic collage of late 1970’s and early 80’s VHS stills mirrored infinitely into pixelation.

Jesse Glaser Microscopic photography laced with self portraits and strong nature elements digitally manipulated into monstrous visions.

CLOSING RECEPTION Saturday MARCH 31st Free, Casual.
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