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POW: Pop Now

TNC Gallery
155 1st Avenue at 10th Street, 212-254-1109
East Village / Lower East Side
April 17 - May 19, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, April 17, 6 - 9 PM
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TNC Gallery presents “POW: Pop Now,” a groundbreaking exhibition of 10 mixed-media artists whose works explore bold new directions in Pop Art. “POW” provides a visual exploration of why the movement 50 years after its inception has maintained such a stronghold in the American visual lexicon.

Responding to the proliferation of global corporate branding, these 10 artists from across the U.S. have found inspiration in the Pop movement as a means of visual communication. Most grew up in a world saturated with Coca-Cola, MTV, and Nintendo. They are a generation familiar with the power of branding, consumer culture, illustration, and comic books. Like Andy Warhol before them, many support themselves in graphic design, advertising and mass media.

Formally speaking, the artists’ works have familiar overtones: bright, saturated hues; bold, graphic shapes; and simple, clean lines. But just under the surface, the works communicate a heavier dialogue. Issues of race, feminism, religion, sexuality, and modern identity carry relevancy in this era of self-reflection and socialized media. These modern storytellers use their craft as a way to sublimely spread their message through an impactful and familiar medium rather than just the pure exposé of popular culture.

Curated by Sean Noyce, “POW” features works by video artist Forest Allread (Washington, DC); painter José Arenas (Brooklyn); painter/graphic designer Dan Christofferson (Salt Lake City); fiber artist Boo Davis (Seattle); photographer Felix Flores (Salt Lake City); painter/sculptor Erin Rachel Hudak (Brooklyn); painter Jacqueline Levine (Washington, DC); photographer Alfie Lee (Brooklyn); mixed media artist Dafna Steinberg (Washington, DC); and fiber artist Katya Usvitsky (Brooklyn). Special thanks to gallery director Peter J. Ketchum and co-curator Verrinia Amatulli. DJ performance by Chris Alen Sula.

ABOUT THE GALLERY The 25 year old TNC Gallery is one of the largest alternative spaces in lower Manhattan. Its 2,000 square feet of wall space is located in the Theater for the New City on First Avenue between 9th and 10th. Open Daily: 12-8pm. Phone: 212-254-1109
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