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Ultra Violet Dreams

PS Project Space
548 West 28th Street, Floor 3, 917 388 9585
April 23 - May 8, 2012
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New work by British-American artist, Paul Seftel Explores the deep space where color and perception come from. In these new works, pure pigments and powders have been mixed together in ancient forms of gesso. Quartz, marble and mica create an energetic aggregate, the pigment, water, acrylic binder and metal patina curing into a stone mineral form. The inspiration and conception comes from the energetic and mystical nature of color. Layered from deep pinks into blues, the magic hour and colors of twilight are explored through this palette. Metal mineral hues of blue and green explore transformative processes, suspending, blending and colliding colors to produce variations and subtleties that reveal almost imperceptible dream like atmospheric states.
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