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2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition

New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin Street, 212.966.0300
Tribeca / Downtown
May 15 - May 26, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, May 15, 6 - 8 PM
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The New York Academy of Art believes that when young artists are given the most extensive set of visual tools available and a complete awareness of contemporary culture, they will make important contributions to visual culture by doing what many people believe is no longer possible, making great art. It has been suggested that there are no more great movements to be had from art making, that the great contributions of the last century have been exhausted. This has an “end of history” ring to it that is both dispiriting and contrary to cultural evolution. Great art is being made and will always be made by artists who refuse to adapt to the accepted norms of their era and instead forge ahead with work that is masterful, critically aware and deeply contrary.

The graduating class of 2012 offers a prime example of what can happen when talent, intelligence and willful determination meet as a counterpoint to cultural relativity.
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