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KEN ROSENTHAL Photographs 2001—2009 & VOJTECH V. SLAMA Wolf’s Honey

Klompching Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 206, 212-796-2070
March 9 - May 19, 2012
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From 2001, Ken Rosenthal’s subject has been an over-arching study of time, collective memory, fiction and cultural iconography; as seen through a somewhat brooding re-interpretation of historic negatives and photographs—specifically imagery from his own family album. He presents exceptionally crafted photographs—bleached, split-toned and blurred—that bring together a range of associations that seem at once shared yet highly personal, unknowable yet familiar. Like memory, his photographs are ethereal and ambiguous.

In Wolf’s Honey, Vojtech V. Sláma offers a wonderful glimpse of his world—days spent with friends, observations of his artist peers, visits to places and events, glances of strangers, still life and figurative studies. Together they reveal Sláma’s fascination with the beauty of ordinary life moments that he snatches without fanfare and yet with such poetic force. Exceptionally rendered by the artist into Silver Bromide prints, the photographs are quiet, melancholic and at times—timeless.

Together, the exhibitions form an intimate celebration of the art of looking, the craft of the traditional print and through these, the transformation of the overlooked into something quietly extraordinary.

Ken Rosenthal (b. 1964) is an American artist living and working in Tucson, Arizona. He has exhibited widely across the US and internationally, including at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Griffin Museum of Photography, Etherton Gallery and el Cabildo de la Ciudad de Córdoba. His photographs are held in the public collections of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, George Eastman International Museum of Film & Photography, Escuela Argentina de Fotografia and several private collections.

Vojtech V. Sláma (b. 1974) lives and works in the Czech Republic. His photographs have been exhibited in numerous venues across the United States, Europe and Asia. Public and private collections holding his photographs include the Maria Hayward Collection, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Kyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Joaquim Paiva Collection, Portland Art Museum and the Prague House of Photography amongst others.
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