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The Lone Wolf Recital Corps, “Atum (Honey From A Flower Named Blue)”

Third Streaming
10 Greene Street, 2nd floor, 646-370-3877
May 27 - May 27, 2012
Reception: Sunday, May 27, 7 - 9 PM
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Sunday, May 27, 2012, 7pm Doors open at 6:30pm

Terry Adkins, Woodwinds, Wind Controller Charles Gaines, Drums, Percussion Kamau Amu Patton, Electronics, Light Cavassa Nickens, Bass

The Lone Wolf Recital Corps is a performance unit with revolving membership that was founded by Terry Adkins at Zurich in 1986. The Corps is usually activated in conjunction with Adkins’ installation based experiences called recitals. Adkins considers the precision inherent to the deliberate stage arrangements of instruments and personnel pictured in early big bands to the Art Ensemble of Chicago to be contemporary installations proper. The Lone Wolf Recital Corps often incorporates theatrical aspects of this tradition into its happenings. The world premiere of Atum (Honey From A Flower Named Blue) features a debut quartet grouping of Charles Gaines, Kamau Amu Patton, Cavassa Nickens and Terry Adkins for an evening of immersive experience in sound, light and image.
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