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Vibrant Intersections

443 PAS @ Kevin M. Absec Designs, Inc.
443 Park Avenue South, Suite 604, 212-447-7742
Flatiron / Gramercy
June 19 - August 17, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, August 15, 6 - 8 PM
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Vibrant Intersections Curated by Damon Johnson and Andrea LaBouff Featuring the work of Malado Baldwin, Damon Johnson, Andrea LaBouff, Seamus Liam O’Brien, and Justin Terry Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 19th 6-8 pm

4 4 3 is proud to present Vibrant Intersections. While the artist’s range in origins, from sun drenched California to the energetic world of West Africa, the bright lights of New York City to a life spent under the circus tent and the magic world of Disney, these artists all share a love of color. Their worlds beaming with energy, and an even bolder palate, they express their unique views through brush and stunning hues.

This collection of work creates conversations between pieces and individuals. From the most apparent, they vary in style from the pop art influence of Seamus Liam O’Brien and Damon Johnson to the abstract expressionist visions of Andrea LaBouff, and Jason Terry, to the psychedelic patterning and imagery of Malado Baldwin, all artists join one another in fanciful exuberance and energetic color. In addition to this, is the union between the reflection steeped in urban and natural environments. To the more conceptually driven, this exhibit intercommunicates between ideas, spirits, and lifestyles. These pieces and artists collectively engage in a dynamic crossroads, out of where new experience is born.

Malado Baldwin hails from West Africa and was influenced by textiles and jewelry of region. Among other influences were Chinese landscapes, Roman mosaics, cave art, and science fiction. These paintings are naturally embedded in the shaping of new through the melding of experiences. The fragmentary images generate an invented lexicon of new, and often psychedelic referenced space, that become timeless and placeless at once.

Damon Johnson grew up in and around New York City his entire life, Johnson’s work has been described as urban surrealism; a melting pot of influences and art movements. His work combines pop culture references to graffiti, comics, cartoons, and tattoo art and skate graphics with traditional art movements including abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism, op-art and surrealism.

Seamus Liam O’Brien spent the formative years of his life performing with his family on various circuses throughout the United States, including the All Star Circus, T.N.T Circus, and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. He would later go on to perform as a costumed character at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Resort in Orlando, Florida. He has also worked as studio manager for pop artist Takashi Murakami from 2006-2010. His work, is pop, iconic, and yet ironic. Thought provoking and bold.

Andrea LaBouff applies quixotic intuition and Nature’s sublimity along and against modernist logics of drawing and painting. LaBouff’s interest is in the movement between micro and macro, to achieve new gestalts akin to written poetry. Her colorfully tactile paintings have been described both as tender and fearsome. Among other inspirations music, textiles, and live performances infuse LaBouff’s work with lush energy. From Los Angeles and Philadelphia, LaBouff now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Justin Terry was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and grew up in Nashville. After high school, he moved to Colorado where he spent much of his time snowboarding, playing pick-up basketball, and painting pictures of musical idols. After receiving a BFA from the University of Colorado, he moved to Barcelona and found work as an English teacher. In Spain, his painting shifted from iconic figures towards an abstracted figurative style that included colorful depictions of flowers and the human form. After returning from Barcelona, he attended Pratt Institute in New York and earned a MFA in Fine Art, Painting and a MS in History of Art, Design, and Architecture. Since moving to New York, his work has become completely abstract referencing Gerhard Richter and the meditative qualities of Mark Rothko’s color field paintings, evoking concepts of time, movement, and friction.
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