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Ed. Varie (East 7th Street)
208 East 7th Street
East Village / Lower East Side
May 31 - June 17, 2012
Reception: Thursday, May 31, 6 - 9 PM
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Ed. Varie is pleased to announce Dreamtigers, a collection of two new and unique bodies of work from painters Ethan Cook and Landon Metz.

Opening Reception May 31, 2012 6 – 9 pm

Cook’s current body of work is a continuation of his interest in representing time and space through the exploration of traditional craft and process. Through an additive and reductive process of dyeing, bleaching, boiling, painting, folding and staining, the materials Cook employs become a part of the canvas’ weave. The canvases are worked, dried and reworked again and again to completion, resulting in an indexical manifestation of it’s own history.

Ethan Cook, an artist and painter born in Texas in 1983, currently lives and works in New York City. Cook has shown internationally in Amsterdam, and London, and in the US in Chicago, Marfa, and New York. Most recently Cook has participated in exhibitions at Hungryman Gallery in Chicago, and Amstel 41 Gallery in Amsterdam.

Landon Metz, an artist working in painting and sculpture, was born in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona and currently lives and works in New York City. His work has been exhibited in the US, and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Germany and France. Recently Metz had a solo show at Preteen Gallery in Mexico City and in a group exhibition at Renwick Gallery in NY. Metz’s monograph, Painter Painting Surface published by Vimmerby Rinkeby was released at Ed. Varie earlier this year.

Metz’s work is concerned with a re-contextualization the inherited perception of reality, expressed in two ways; a fundamental breakdown in the concept of time by creating a narrative of precise moments through gestural action, and a freedom from structural hierarchy by revealing materials and process. Forms are abstract and non-representational; the subject matter is painting itself, painting about painting. Materials are handled in a way to deconstruct the egoist facade and illuminate a vulnerable, unified totality.

Using similar materials, canvas and dye, Cook and Metz create paintings in two distinct ways with individual voices. Dreamtigers marks the first ever exhibition of these paintings and this body of work to the public. In addition, a collection of conversations between Cook, Metz, and Christopher Schreck will be released at the opening reception for Dreamtigers, and distributed in limited quantities.
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