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Jess Fuller: Jellie

Martos Gallery
540 West 29th Street, 212-560-0670
June 5 - June 30, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, June 5, 6 - 8 PM
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Martos Gallery is pleased to present Jess Fuller’s first solo exhibition in New York City.

Sunshine Diet with a side of El Pussy Cat — Jess Fuller introduces a gridded language. Clarifying diagrammatic or butchered synecdoche. A series of clues to decipher, but are we privy to the entirety? Everything different feels too different.

Jam on Toast sporting an Illegal Smile — Borne of obsessive behavior interpreted through a meditative process. Washing, dyeing, fraying, unweaving, painting, and again; for Fuller, recontextualized on the [canvas]. Culminating in a repetition of shape and character, form and color, pattern and multi layered systems.

Lucky Seven careening the Neon Jungle — We welcome this system and its puzzles through a continuity of its relations. Ana Mendieta’s femininity, Alfred Jensen’s spirit, Lenore Tawney’s devotion, and the likes. We travel between eternities. Thank you for that.

Jess Fuller, b. 1972, Portland, Maine, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Selected exhibitions include New Traditionalists organized by Mary Grace Wright, Martos Gallery, Washed Up and Bleached Out with Sam Moyer at Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, _The Idea of the Thing…, Halsey McKay, East Hampton, and _Material Issues and Other Matters, Canada Gallery, New York.

For further information please contact 212-560-0670 or [email protected] or visit
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