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Andrea Zittel, Critical Space

New Museum
556 West 22nd Street, 212-219-1222
January 26 - May 27, 2006
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The highly anticipated exhibition Andrea Zittel: Critical Space surveys a selection of Zittel’s immersive and experimental domestic spaces, uniforms, installations, drawings and documentation, illuminating the comprehensive manner in which she addresses new methods of approaching life and work in a contemporary world.

Under the umbrella of A-Z Administrative Services - first located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and now in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles - Zittel researches, designs and constructs her own domestic settings and objects. Her work explores and questions such basic human needs as emancipation, intimacy, security and comfort, and presents her personal solutions to satisfy each of these needs. More than 75 of these objects, produced between 1991 and 2005, will be on view at the New Museum, encouraging visitors to question the status quo and engage more thoroughly with their environments and each other.

Objects in the exhibition include A-Z Escape Vehicles, small transportable capsules customized by individuals seeking an ideal place for introspection; A-Z Uniforms, functional and stylish, single-outfit wardrobes designed to be worn daily for extended periods of time; and A-Z Raugh Furniture, faux-rock landscapes substituted for indoor furniture, meant to hide dirt and serve multiple functions.

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