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Bret Slater and Jeff Zilm

et al Projects
56 Bogart Street, 914-498-8328
June 15 - July 15, 2012
Reception: Friday, June 15, 6 - 9 PM
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et al Projects is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition featuring new paintings by Bret Slater and new paintings by Jeff Zilm.

The exhibition will convey these artists’ intimate work in a dynamic setting of individual experimentations and dialog.

Both artists use uniquely personal motifs and processes in their work. One key element is the development of an idiosyncratic visual language that is ingrained with the experiential relationship that exists between their studio practice and life outside the cube and white walls.

Bret Slater’s paintings speak for themselves each exuding unique personalities. Like us, each painting grows into its individuality. Bret’s is simple but nuanced, sophisticated and also humorous. His paintings are a first responder to the language of functionality. He has exhibited at the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Free Museum of Dallas. He is represented by Thomas Robertello Gallery (Chicago), Marty Walker Gallery (Dallas), Elaine Levy Projects (Brussels, Belgium).

Jeff Zilm’s paintings emanate an ethereal, mysterious and inquiring aura. Jeff’s modus operandi for creating his paintings consists of transferring completely cut up films from reel to canvas. His method is an intricate and personal invention through chemical destabilization, extracting sound and image data from the celluloid base of a reel of film and binding it with an acrylic emulsion. Zilm concludes the process by literally re-projecting the film onto a canvas with an industrial paint sprayer. In each painting he keeps an exact 1:1 ratio where one film equals one painting. Jeff has exhibited at Pat Hearn Gallery, The Jewish Museum, and Stux Gallery, among others.
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