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Summer Invitational

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
529 West 20th Street, 212-366-5368
June 21 - August 10, 2012
Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6 - 8 PM
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Kathryn Markel Fine Arts announces its summer exhibition of new work by artists currently represented by the gallery. Please join us for work by Carrie Patterson, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Alyse Rosner, and more.

Martina Nehrling uses multiple, brightly colored, brush stokes, that together; create visual rhythms inspired by the cacophony of daily life. Each thick mark embraces the energy and the sensuality of paint and accumulates to create compositions that give concrete form to the music that Nehrling perceives as she paints. The compositions are sometimes controlled, sometimes more raucous, but are always specific to the various moods and rhythms of the painting process. Nehrling lives in Chicago and has exhibited at the ZG Gallery in there, as well as numerous museums and non-profit spaces in the midwest. This will be her first exhibition in New York.

Stephanie London first encountered icebergs on a trip to Alaska as she mourned the death of a close friend. Since then, the immensity and starkness of the Arctic landscape has haunted her. Her paintings, typically spare and solemn, and its newest iteration of ice formations—monochromatic and monumental—form a logical extension of her realist impulse. As a practicing Buddhist, her paintings reflect her meditations on relationships and existence. London lives in Glendale California and has shown extensively in the area.

Alyse Rosner’s work combines direct rubbings of wood grain with monochromatic gestural painting and obsessive ink line drawing. She acquires her rubbings from her back porch—a chemically treated grain, which is then transferred to a paper, which is itself, ironically, a totally green industrial byproduct. Rosner’s mark-making is informed by the pattern of the underlying wood grain, and it burgeons organically to overlap and overgrow and nearly spill its borders into the viewer’s space. Rosner lives in Connecticut and has exhibited at the Aldrich Museum and many other regional galleries.

Jeffrey Cortland Jones considers painting a physical activity and a material process rather than a language that conveys narrative meaning. He is inspired by chance and by the union of formal opposites—geometric and organic forms, controlled painting versus spontaneous mark-making—which then challenge and instruct the resultant work. He works in layers—some pristine and some scraped, some burned or otherwise damaged—resolved by a finished surface that offers glimpses of the structure beneath. Cortland Jones lives in Cincinnati and has shown his work in numerous galleries and non-profit spaces.

Theresa Hackett uses the language of abstraction, which she blends with the pictorial and pastoral to create hybrid, textural landscapes. She thinks of painting as a game that enables her to play within the delicate balance of object and language. She has always been interested in creating an environment for paintings through installation or sculptural work in order to create a working dialogue between disparate pieces. Hackett has shown her work in numerous galleries and museums around the country, and has been awarded a Pollack Krasner grant as well as many other residencies and grants.

Carrie Patterson paints to express the experience of inhabiting a space. Her paintings are a record of visual events, and this gives her an understanding of the impact of the physical on the emotional world around her. She aims for spatial elasticity and in each object, distills line, shape, and color into its simplest components. Patterson lives in Maryland and has won numerous awards and grants. She has shown her work in galleries and museums around the country.
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