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Boris Oicherman: Between the Cloud and the Clock

Art Currents Institute
547 West 27th Street, No. 210
July 12 - July 28, 2012
Reception: Thursday, July 12, 6 - 8 PM
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Boris Oicherman: Between the Cloud and the Clock

July 12 – July 28, 2012 Opening Event: Thursday, July 12, 6-8pm

All exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Between the Cloud and the Clock: The greater part of my practice is dedicated to creating art in response to some particular conditions in a chosen environment. As a consequence I hardly work in the studio. My approach to an artwork is open: as the conditions in every environment are unique, I do not limit myself to any set of means; they are always the outcome of a research I conduct locally. In the past I worked with water, fire, electric fans, computer programming, electronic imaging, wind and others. The media, however, are always the same: perception and experience.

The work, Between the Cloud and the Clock, originated in research for a site-specific installation for a library in Ticho House in Jerusalem, Israel. The aim was to create an event from the very being in the reading room; an event that would also act as a facilitator of a social space – perhaps similarly to the way a campfire functions. The solution was to place a floor-based electric fan, oriented upwards, and to hang an incandescent bulb above it. The bulb constantly revolved around the fan, set in motion by the airflow, creating a continuous monotonous movement of light and shadows in the space.

-Boris Oicherman

BIO: Boris Oicherman was born in 1973 in Russia, and has lived in Israel since 1990. After graduating from a PhD program (2006, University of Leeds, UK) Boris worked as a senior research scientist in the area of colour and imaging technologies in Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Israel. In 2009 he resigned from his full time job as a researcher to pursue an artistic career. Currently Boris combines interdisciplinary artistic practice with technological consultancy. Boris participated in number of exhibitions and residencies in Israel, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland and South Korea. He is a recipient of the Asia Pacific Artist Fellowship of the National Art Studio, Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art, in 2012.
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