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Can’t Stop Rock Lobster

Martos Gallery
540 West 29th Street, 212-560-0670
June 19 - June 30, 2012
Reception: Saturday, June 23, 6 - 8 PM
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Shoot The Lobster is pleased to announce “Can’t Stop Rock Lobster”, the first formal gallery exhibition by artist and musician collaborators, Merkx & Gwynne.

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It is with excitement and delight that we cordially invite you to participate in the video shoot and related exhibition for “Can’t Stop Rock Lobster” at Martos Gallery’s new project space, Shoot The Lobster, opening June 23, 2012.

As you may know, we have been collaborating as musicians and music video producers for several years (see Furio). Last year on Hal-LOVE-ween we recorded, with The Love Loves, a cover of the legendary B-52s song, “Rock Lobster” (running time 9:17). This live cover remains the conceptual and stylistic focus of the group show. We’re also pleased to announce the track will be released on a limited edition transparent-red vinyl 12” 45rpm single to accompany the show.

In late April we completed an introduction to the video, shot in Chris Martin’s inaugural site-specific installation at Shoot The Lobster. After a full day of lip-syncing and air-drumming, we painted the gallery walls from red to white (see Tom Sawyer) as a prelude to the larger group installation taking place in exactly the same gallery in June.

We invite you to join us as a collaborator for this project. Your participation would entail the contribution of a prop or an artwork related to the themes and lyrics of “Rock Lobster,” Nautacalia, crustalia, etc.

We will be shooting the second half of our music video, and finally creating a total environment of “artistmade nautical crap from 1984.” The exhibition will take the shape of a giant group show organized by us, to be utilized by us (installation and shooting begin June 19th in a partially-open gallery). Please attend the public opening reception on June 23. Formal dress is required for the opening occasion—please wear general beach comber styles, bathing suits (one piece and two), flip flops, bucket hats, swim caps, snorkels, and general 1980s beach-, maritime-, marine biology- and lobster shack-themed notions may apply (tux and tails are okay too, but please wear evening gloves).

V.v.V xox, Andrea and Nathan

Andrea Merkx and Nathan Gwynne each received an MFA from Hunter College (2006 and 2010, respectively).

They live and work in Brooklyn, NY and they can’t stop.

For further information please contact 212-560-0670 or [email protected]
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