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Peter Bynum

Littlejohn Contemporary
547 West 27th Street, Suite 207, 203-451-5050
September 6 - October 6, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, August 7, 10 - 6 PM
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Littlejohn Contemporary is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of recent sculptural, ‘Illuminated paintings’ by Peter Bynum.

“At its most provocative, contemporary art turns a corner and moves away from the past. This direction is put into motion either by the use of new materials, by introducing previously taboo content, or by breaking with traditional formats so that the way we think about art— what it is and why it looks the way it does—is challenged. Peter Bynum brings to this discourse a body of work focused on the subject of light that both explores and pushes the boundaries of contemporary painting. He’s making a new dynamic experience of painting with light, and he’s making a sculptural object – there are transparent layers through which I can dive into this incredible natural space, almost as if I’m going underwater. The light itself, glowing, is a breathing element that I find very dynamic, and something different from other artists whose work is about nature or about light. There’s some sort of secret world in the paintings that is brought out with this light that comes from behind and presses beyond the edges of the glass. This goes so far beyond what traditional painting on canvas has ever been able to achieve. Peter Bynum has made one breakthrough after another, and pushed the language of painting into a new place. It changes the conversation.“ Dede Young, Art Historian and Curator

There will be a preview of the exhibition during the month of August. For further information and preview dates please contact the gallery at 203-451-5050 or at [email protected]
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