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The Science/Astronomy Series

C24 Gallery
514 West 24th Street, (646)416-6300
July 10 - August 24, 2012
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C24 Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of paintings and prints by Pedro Barbeito. These works date from 1997 to 2012 and are the result of the artist’s investigation on the impact of digital imaging on the language and history of painting, while addressing some of the successes and failures of technology and science. The paintings present imagery of the universe like black holes, dark matter, stellar births: phenomena that are being visualized in a variety of different shapes and forms yet have no standardized structure. Technology and digital imaging have altered our preconceptions of the world; we no longer define things solely by what we can see. Painting, in particular, illustrates both representation and abstraction in very simplistic terms – by what is recognizable and what is not. These seemingly abstract paintings are arguably the most complete representation of the phenomena, due to the various images depicted in multiple mediums, each providing another layer of information. This de-contextualizing of the scientific imagery by bringing it into the vernacular of painting raises questions of how we see things and interpret them due to their presentation. In The Science/Astronomy Series, Barbeito incorporates printouts, digital monitors and stereo lithography models into his paintings hence a symbiotic relationship occurs where each medium slightly alters the language and the interpretation of the other.

About Pedro Barbeito Pedro Barbeito was born in La Caruña, Spain in 1969 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. The artist has exhibited his work internationally for the past fourteen years. Solo exhibition venues include Basilico Fine Arts and Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York, Parra-Romero Gallery in Madrid, Charest Weinberg Gallery in Miami, and Galerie Richard in Paris. He has participated in museum exhibits at the Rose Art Museum in Massachussetts; the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, The Netherlands; the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art in Florida; and the Museo Ruffino Tamayo in Mexico City, among others. His solo exhibition Pop Violence at the Aldrich Museum opens Sunday, July 15 will remain on view through September 30 as a part of their united states series.
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