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Surprise Surprise

FB Gallery
368 Broadway, No. 209, 917.495.2457
Tribeca / Downtown
July 24 - August 4, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, July 24, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

FB Gallery is pleased to present Surprise Surprise, a multi-media group exhibition introducing the talent of Corinne Rendinaro, Ross Schaner and William DeNatale in their first show in New York.

The vehicle behind Surprise Surprise serves as a platform to showcase the dynamic creations of these three young artists. Together, this triangular dictate plays-off different media and points of views against each other. The final selection initiates an active dichotomy by pitting colorful abstractions against figurative renderings, photomontage against graphic design, visual appropriations against original imagery. We constantly evaluate our past, our needs and our reactions to them. Collecting is at once subjective and objective. Surprise Surprise serves not only as a platform for these emerging young artists, but also as platform for emerging art collectors.

Corinne Rendinaro moved to New York after high school to study Fashion Design. After taking a required course in life drawing, she found her true passion was art. She changed her major to Fashion Illustration where her attention was focused on movement of the body and gesture. Corinne then attended Pratt Institute to study Critical and Visual Studies. She has also studied in Florence, Italy and Copenhagen, Denmark.

William DeNatale has been shooting with the same camera since he was 10 years old and his images reflect the search for compassion, humility and truth in the world. He is interested in developing a new language of spirituality, and uses collage as a way of diving into the unconscious. In 2010 he received his BA from Trinity College in English and Photography after completing his thesis, a book of poems and collages titled So Far.

Ross Schaner is a hybrid of the places where he has lived. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Ross’s work pulls from the dreamy possibilities of an overgrown landscape where industry has left. Ross cultivated an early sensitive awareness to the natural world which he weaves into his current environment – Brooklyn, NY. After finishing the Illustration program at the Fashion Institute Ross has applied his work to textile and surface design projects including a print collection for Sir NY, a NY based menswear line. Ross is working on crafting a new perspective to making work in Bushwick which is informed by graffiti, mural art, vintage textile design, and a timeless eccentricity that can only be imagined by an artist who confuses childish playfulness with urban realities.

Fostering emerging talent and helping it blossom is at the core of FB Gallery‚Äôs mission statement. Please contact Francois Baron at [email protected] or at 917.495.2457 if you’d like more information or to set up an appointment.
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