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Caught Mapping

PS Project Space
548 West 28th Street, Floor 3, 917 388 9585
September 4 - September 15, 2012
Reception: Thursday, September 6, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Tuesday – Saturday from Noon to 6 pm Opening Reception: September 6, 6-9 Closing Reception September 13, 6-9

PS Project Space is pleased to announce Caught Mapping, works and collaborations by Sophie Cooke, Amy Sinclair, Andrew Paul Browne, Simona Prives, and Jeff Kasper. Collectively they explore mapping as it relates to place, time, consciousness, the body, history, memory, landscape, authorship, urban environments, and the digital / physical divide.

The artists will be on site drawing, painting, researching and reconfiguring installations, collages and interactive elements both independently and in response to feedback from a participatory mapping experiment, which will unfold over the course of the two week exhibition.

In layered, loosely figurative paintings Sophie Cooke explores the perception of the body as a delineation of space. Are the edges of the body permeated or expanded through thoughts, words or our communications using digital media? Her work charts these tangible and intangible spaces. An installation by Amy Sinclair maps her current relationship to the memory of an extended period of travel primarily in Greece and India. Digital prints relevant to different times, places and states of consciousness are cut up, drawn on and loosely reconfigured on the wall. The work deals with distortion, loss, the effort to assimilate experiences and the process of translating and reconstructing.

Andrew Paul Browne investigates how electronic devices augment our senses at increasing degrees of subtlety. In a dynamic dialogue between interactive media and direct methods such as frottage, collage and spontaneous drawing, he questions the shifting capacities in our sensory awareness and observations of our surroundings.

Simona Prives creates both physical and digital collages that focus on the process of decomposition and reconstruction. Deconstructed earth layers, topographic maps and industrial elements breed new landscapes, which are both abstract and familiar. Her works imagine new terrains that reveal the dichotomy of growth and decay.

The individual artists’ projects are interconnected through Jeff Kasper’s participatory mapping experiment, addressing authorship, history and urbanism. Kasper has generated a map of the area surrounding the gallery and altered it numerous times to create a series of new maps that include “trap streets” (fictitious cartographic locations.) Within the trap streets are “dead drops” (secret locations for the exchange of information.) The artists will create artifacts, information or directives, “drop” them in the secret locations and invite guests to find them using the altered maps. Participants will plot their experiences in various forms, which in turn refer to or inform the evolution of works in the gallery and on the website.
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