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Bushwick Blackout

The Shirey
47 Thames Street, No. 306, 518-669-1486
August 31 - September 30, 2012
Reception: Friday, August 31, 8 - 11 PM
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The Shirey is pleased to present Bushwick Blackout, an immersive multi-media exhibition and video screening of luminous works that twinkle and glow in the dark.

Curated by Rachel Fainter, Bushwick Blackout will be on display from August 31 through September 21. The opening reception and video screening take place on August 31st, 8-11pm. Bushwick Blackout is free and open to the public.

In this exhibition, traditional gallery lighting is abandoned. The only sources of light are ultraviolet lamps and the works themselves. Emerging from the walls, ceiling, and floors, the works form a 3-d constellation encompassing the viewer and transforming the conventional gallery space into a spellbound landscape.
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