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Super Natural


722 Metropolitan Avenue
September 7 - October 14, 2012
Reception: Friday, September 7, 6 - 9 PM
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Corey Corcoran Judy Glantzman Loie Hollowell Maria Kondratiev Bruce Wilhelm

“Take just the top inch of soil, the world squirming right under my palms. In the top inch of forest soil, biologists found ‘an average of 1,356 living creatures present in each square foot, including 865 mites, 265 spring tails, 22 millipedes, 19 adult beetles and various numbers of 12 other forms… Had an estimate also been made of the microscopic population, it might have ranged up to two billion bacteria and many millions of fungi, protozoa and algae—in a mere teaspoonful of soil.’ The chrysalids of butterflies linger here too, folded, rigid, and dreamless. I might as well include these creatures in this moment, as best I can. My ignoring them won’t strip them of their reality, and admitting them, one by one, into my consciousness might heighten mine, might add their dim awareness to my human consciousness…” Annie Dillard, from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

The term supernatural literally translates from Latin to mean exceeding nature. The word pertains to forces and phenomena imagined to exist beyond known science and nature. Humans lived exposed to nature, in fear, for thousands of years. Today, we often experience nature though TV, horror movies or brief visits to the woods, keeping the environment estranged from us. As Corey Corcoran puts it he is “drawing upon everything from science fiction to houseplants to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, I consider my recent body of work as visual ecosystems.” The narratives in these works are set in ambiguous landscapes charged with primal and psychological symbols. Sometimes the nightmares in these artists work may stand in for an inner struggle or a war torn world, as in the paintings of Goya or Nancy Spero. These artists believe in the world beyond the looking glass or picture plane where each image or creature is culled from a place of suspended disbelief where anything is possible.

The works in Super Natural reveal a world beyond the ordinary one we know. Here we can see new worlds inspired by things we’ve seen but with re-imagined outcomes. These works grow, glow, and writhe as though frozen before us as the landscape suddenly opens its eyes. As in a dream, we never question the truth shown to us, because the reality of the material here keeps us in suspense between disenchantment and seduction. This work keeps us here and now in a spell cast with evident materials, humor and imagination.

Open weekends 12-6, or by appointment.
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