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Lyrical Spaces

Able Fine Art NY Gallery
511 West 25th Street, Suite 507, 212-675-3057
September 20 - October 9, 2012
Reception: Thursday, September 20, 6 - 8 PM
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Able Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea, NY is proud to present a very special two-person exhibition showcasing the exceptional paintings of Yang, Suk and Marsha Solomon. These two artists, while quite distinct in style, training, and approach are unified by the use of vivid, saturated fields of pure color, and the focus on beauty in both the natural and imaginary realms.

The bright, color saturated paintings of Yang, Suk display references to sources as disparate as flowers, one of the most traditional sources of imagery, and the thick, gestural strokes of pure color that hearken back to and are a cornerstone of early abstraction. She joins them into vibrant, harmonious compositions that recall the work of Van Gogh and the Impressionists, using an intense but limited palette and short, dense strokes of pure color, laid down like pieces of a mosaic, which carry an almost architectural presence. In her work, Yang, Suk freely journeys between abstraction and representation, presenting a personal view that is both whimsical and expressive.

Marsha Solomon is an accomplished New York area artist whose work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. Her series of large abstract paintings titled “From Rhythm to Form” follow a simple yet powerful formula, in which the interplay of jewel-like colors, the variation of opacity—from soft washes to thick strokes of impasto—and positive and negative spaces all combine to create a dynamic image, born from nature and intuition, but, ultimately, about no less than the elements of art itself. Line, color and form unite on her canvasses to create an atmospheric, mystical space of serenity infused with energy.
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