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Saravah, Umbanda in multimedia

FB Gallery
368 Broadway, No. 209, 917.495.2457
Tribeca / Downtown
September 26 - September 26, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, September 26, 9:15 - 11:30 PM
Web Site

The Saravah exhibit is an experience of fascinating Afro-Brazilian Umbanda rituals as seen by three acclaimed Brazilian photographers. The images are projected onto inflatable structures especially created for the event.

Join us to break the fast of Yom Kippur with traditional Afro-Brazilian snacks, drinks and music.

Umbanda is a unique Brazilian syncretic religion born in Rio de Janeiro over a century ago. It absorbed African cults of possessions, Catholic elements, Spiritism of Allan Kardec, Indian traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Kabbalah.

Mel Alexenberg in his ‘Educating artists for the future’ concludes, ‘Umbanda reveals isomorphisms and similarities between so many cultures that it can be seen as exemplar of coexistence.’ Umbanda influences the daily life and culture of the people of Brazil in music, art, religion, theater, food, dance, poetry and more. This absorbing culture is little known outside of Brazil.

Inflatable structures will be designed for the event to transform space and create immersible environments. Thank you, L2coLAB [] for the support!

UMBANDA PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Marcello Vitorino, Santo André, SP Daniel Protzner, Belo Horizonte A pandilla, photo collective from Rio de Janeiro

In cooperation with the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, center for promoting the use of Brazilian texts and arts in the United States. Visit for more details.

Ticún Brasil/תיקון ברזיל participants are involved in various volunteering experiences with Brazilian Jewish organizations ranging from several hours to few months, from visiting elderly Jews to Tikkun Olam projects in Favelas. Visit for more details.

Ticun Brasil is also partnering for this exhibit with A Comissão de Combate à Intolerância Religiosa – The Commission to Combat Intolerance (CCIR), Brazilian organization where Jews, Christians and Muslims advocate freedom of worship.
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