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Superchief Gallery
136 Jackson Street, 908.867.8737
October 4 - November 4, 2012
Reception: Thursday, October 4, 6 - 9 PM
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Superchief Gallery presents CREEPERS! – a previously censored collection of guilelessly perverted and vulgar, gross-out art from America’s filthiest, most respected minds. The multi-media, interdisciplinary show features work that has been banned, rejected, censored and lead one artist to the first and only incarceration for obscenity in art work in US history. In a time of sexual repression and oppression, CREEPERS! is a raw dog reflection from an age of innocence – a time when doodling penises in your notebook and speculating about grandma’s vagina was okay and (gasp) even funny. While we are shamed and embarrassed for our natural imaginative responses and curiosities, our unoppressive collection is here to say it’s all okay.

The group exhibition, brought to you by self-proclaimed creepers Jacquelyn Gallo and Rosalie Knox, features work by underground cartoonist MIKE DIANA (the first and only artist to be arrested and receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for artwork in the US); future feminist artist and Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black singer KEMBRA PFAHLER; singer and originator of NYC’s sexual-comedy electro-punk theatric group, JUGGER-NUT, ARIC SHUNNESON; as well as a slew of other varied and talented misfits.

Housed in the spacious, new, unsuspecting Superchief Gallery in Williamsburg, CREEPERS! massages the taint of offensiveness while releasing the flood of sexual tension all over it’s exposed brick and white walls. Like stumbling upon a dildo in your mom’s underwear drawer, it’s shocking, it’s disturbing and it’s pretty damn hilarious. Treat yourself to something horrible.

With Live Performances by… - tiny mighty rapper Hila the Killa! - the venerable Mindy Vale! - bombshell creeper Jennifer Blowdryer! - and Johnny Bizarro with his candy coated penis puppets!
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