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Standard Deviation

The Shirey
47 Thames Street, No. 306, 518-669-1486
September 28 - October 19, 2012
Reception: Friday, September 28, 8 - 11 PM
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The Shirey is pleased to present Standard Deviation, a group exhibition bringing together the work of five distinct artists working in painting, sculpture, and video.

Leah Dixon combines sculpture and painting in her ‘Throne’ series. In the work she imagines the humble sitting places of local heros, and she explores how decoration can signify status and create visual tension.

Sharona Eliassaf collects imagery from newspaper clippings, television stills, or everyday moments and creates paintings full of acidic colors and strange distortions that twist and pull the original image into another realm of reality.

Naoko Ito’s text sculpture looks at the theme of cloning, focusing specifically on the first cloned animal (Dolly). Her work also reflects on the familiar childhood sleep exercise of counting sheep.

Avi Krispin’s video questions the idea of a gladiator-like hero and the notion of the modern man’s catharsis through violence, by taking the fight out of the fight club, unmasking the absurdity of the idea by turning it into a clandestine group therapy session.

While in Florence, Eric Mistretta, observed the local crackheads at a nearby laundry mat. Inspired by the absurd juxtaposition of smells – the rank, chemical heavy stench of burning crack cocaine and the comforting, floral aroma of fresh laundry, he attempts to create a similar experience in his pantyhose works.
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