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Folk Art and Fantasy

Kang Contemporary
9 E. 82nd Street, 3A, New York, NY, 212-734-1490
Upper East Side
September 12 - October 12, 2012
Web Site

Kang Collection is pleased to introduce a series of 11 paintings by Baek Kyung Hak (b. 1940), his first exhibition outside of Korea. Born in 1940 in South Korea, Baek Kyung Hak, under his penname Song Chon, has worked as a painter all his life.From 1968 to 1974, he was a stage painter at KBS, Korea’s premium television station. Since then, he has had two solo exhibitions in Insadong, Seoul, Korea.

Baek’s works, mostly narrative style, are filled with dazzling colors and vibrant figures. For his narrative paintings or ‘Seol-Hwa’ in Korean, Baek has explored and studied Korea’s legends and folklores for more than 20 years.

“These stories from our forefathers are the essence of our rich culture, and they explain who we are and how our nation came to be. I wanted to express and create these spirits” says the artist.

Before developing his colorful narrative style, Baek studied classical ink paintings under various teachers including well-known modern painter, Seong Jae-Hyu (1915-1996).

The subject matters and striking colors in Baek’s works remind us the paintings of Park Saeng Kwang (1904-1985), internationally-acclaimed Korean master. However, Baek masterfully succeeds in creating a unique style of his own. The viewer’s eye may revel in the riot of colors and dance with Baek’s whimsical and playful imagination.
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