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Romper Room

1109 Dekalb Avenue, at Broadway
October 14 - November 4, 2012
Reception: Sunday, October 14, 6 - 9 PM
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Wayfarers presents an exhibition of painting, drawing, sculpture and writing by Jerstin Crosby, Cyrus Egon, Siobhan McBride, Clayton Schiff, Polly Shindler and Bradley Wood.

All art can be seen essentially as a form of ‘play’. It may masquerade as something much more austere, frame itself in a political context, or claim to give a deeper understanding of humanity. Ultimately though, its value comes out of its frivolousness. The artists in this show make work that is explicitly playful, whether through treatment of subject matter or else as part of their creative process.

Bradley Wood’s canvases give us a window into the imagined lives of his wealthy neighbors, lampooning their leisurely extravagance with rich brushstrokes. Siobhan McBride also paints versions of reality in her interiors, landscapes and still lives. She looks inward to how the sleeping mind interprets and connects fragments, creating fictions through flashes of memory.

Clayton Schiff’s interest in perception, logic and repetition takes shape in his aerial views of maze-like, imagined landscapes. The primitive, abstract forms in Polly Schindler’s paintings possess a balance of restraint and spontaneity, creating forms that feel as if they can be read like forgotten symbols.

Whether through his distilled, black and white drawings or his childhood memoirs, Cyrus Egon reveals the comedy that can exist in simple objects and truth-telling. Jerstin Crosby’s sculpture examines the vastness of the universe and the incomprehensibility of death through the lens of a pizza.

ROMPER ROOM is co-curated by Renee Delosh and Craig Hein, both artist members at Wayfarers.
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