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new media and abstract works, 7 exhibits

Fish with Braids Gallery
190 Christopher Columbus Drive, 646 573 7164
Jersey City
October 12 - November 4, 2012
Reception: Sunday, October 14, 5 - 11 PM
Web Site

Binary Dreams/ Flux “Binary Dreams” brings forth a fusion of the technical brain and the intuitive in the form of new innovative arts that depict the vast and transpersonal experiences of dreams. With the advent of new technology emerging and novelty dropping new seeds constantly into the oceans of the mind, the abstractions of dreaming are constantly fractalling out into an explosion of new diverse realities that become available for exploration when one abandons the senses to sleep and plunges inwards. Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus are bringing back the raw dream elements and translating them out into the mundane world. The art works themselves vary in style and medium but work together like a perfect blend of opposite dualities. They create an overall effect of wholeness, diversity and surreal futurism. artists: Vincent Zambrano(JC), Kaliptus(Harrison NJ) curator: Veronica Santi, (Florence Italy)

Dimensional Portraits Multidimensional portraits, created with paintings, literary quotes, video animation and music. The viewer enters an experience about a person, a visual literary encounter. artist: Fermin Mendoza (JC native, Morris county) curator: Uta Brauser

Abstract geometry Peter Bill’s abstract geometric forms with his life-long devotion to color theory involves painstakingly rendered stripes and shapes, by hand, with perfected skill. The summary of shapes creates a trompe l’oeuil three dimensionality. artist: Peter Bill (JC) curator: Uta Brauser

Unpolitically correct characters exploiting themselves The underground Urban characters of androgenous, colorful, queer and love for life creatures are Stephanie’s observations of a New Yorker upbringing and life style. artist and curator: Stephanie Riggi (JC)

Abstractions The artist uses a technique called video performance painting. First video images are projected onto a blank canvas. Next the artist begins painting the moving video images. Each brush stroke creates a different visual layer for the viewer. The viewers are not only seeing the projections they are seeing the paint create a different image all together. Olivia’s paintings are the out come of this visual layering process. Performances are scheduled saturday at 4 pm, sunday at 7pm artist, curator: Olivia Wilber (JC)

Spanking machine The multidimensional experience of observing and/or physically immersing into the depth of pain or physical intensity combined with the social aspect of the public’s presence will make this display unforgettable. artist, curator: Uta Brauser (JC)

Becoming Visible The linear patterns in Becoming Visible were inspired by wood carvings and bronze statues from Benin, West Africa. Many of these works depict the king or “Oba” of Benin with contours of his face.Traditionally some ethnic groups used these lines to identify each other after they had been separated. In this case I place the lines on an image of my own face to express empathy for the families of innocent African American men whose lives were taken unjustly. artist, curator: Eto Otitigbe (NYC)

Cold in the Sun “is a new media piece on reflections with my father’s progressing dementia. “cold in the sun” was one of the phrases I would find him mumbling to himself. In this video I reenact some of the phrases my father would mumble while sitting around the house as if they were a series of flashbacks. Through the use of Delaunay Triangulation the video gradually abstracts itself as my father gets deeper into his memories. Delaunay Triangulation is a method of computational geometry that can be used to model complex surfaces without having to measure the exact dimensions of all surface points. It is typically used to model terrains where only some points of altitude are known.

In this case I assume the role of my father and attempt to reenact some of his mannerisms. Although I did not know much about him I have a few data points form which to model his behavior.” artist, curator: Eto Otitigbe (NYC)
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