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HS2004: The Third Annual Holiday Shopping Show


Wallspace Gallery
619 West 27th Street, ground floor, 212-594-9478
December 9 - December 18, 2004
Reception: Thursday, December 9, 6 - 8 PM
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For the third year running, Wallspace is pleased to announce The Holiday Shopping Show. “Holiday Shopping” was devised by curator Robin Kahn as a celebration of the season’s “consumer and consummate revelry,” and will feature multiples by over 60 artists ranging from four to four hundred dollars. This year, we will inaugurate a series of performances & services, schedule as follows:

Takedo Shimada Gooey Sticky Mochihead Thursday, December 8th, 6-8 pm The Brooklyn-based artist will paint portraits on mochi, traditional Japanese rice cakes

Trong Nguyen/ Humanitarians Not Heroes HNH Identification Cards Tuesday, December 11, 1-5pm Choose from Portrait, Forgery, Patriot Act, Drawing or Password

The Very Esteemed Callie Janoff, founder, Church of Craft Weddings, Vow Renewals, Pet Blessings, People Blessings Wednesday, December 12, 1-5pm

Artists include:

110 Editions Joshua Abelow Charlie Ahearn assume vivid astro focus Terry Berkowitz Jon-Mychal Bowman Nancy Burson Alison Byrnes Mary Chatham Julia Chiang Casey Cook Eileen Costa Greg Curry David Dempewolf Jane Dickson Lisa Dilillo Benjamin Donaldson Jacob Dyrenforth e-team Mary Beth Edelson Michelle Elzay Barbara Ess Phoebe Gloeckner Susan Graham Sara Greenberger Anitra Haendel Marcia Hafif Michelle Handelman Kevin Hooyman Nancy Hwang Shirley Irons Callie Janoff Amanda Keeley Alison Knowles Joseph Maida Dora Malech Ryan McGinness Larry Miller Marilyn Minter Laurel Nakadate Trong Nguyen Yoko Ono Anne Patterson Pam Pecchio Adam Pendleton Placebo Effect Katia Read Reka Reisinger Angelo Ricciardi Rodney Ripps Christy Rupp Gabrielle Russomagno Jackie Salloum Heidi Schlatter Michael Schmelling Max Schumann Peter Scott Maura Sheehan Taketo Shimada Koji Shimizu Jeanne Silverthorne Wendy Small Robin Tewes Elaine Tin Nyo Julie Wachtel Robert Watts James Welling Mark Wyse and more…..

Gallery hours will be MONDAY through Saturday, 11-6
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