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algo différent

566 Johnson Avenue, Suite 27, 201-953-4062
November 9 - November 30, 2012
Reception: Friday, November 9, 7:30 - 10 PM
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Algo is from the Spanish language meaning ‘something’ and différent is French for ‘different.’ The title represents the aesthetic and conceptual diversity within this group show, featuring four artists from Caribbean and Latin American descent. Weeknights is pleased to exhibit work created by artists part of such a rich culture that has inhabited and influenced so much of the city landscape we co-exist in.

Leo Castaneda, Born 1988, Cali, Colombia, is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City. His works combine classical methods of illusionistic image-making with abstraction to create spaces that absorb the viewer. Castaneda then recreates events in his paintings and drawings using mediums such as interactive sculpture and performance, to engage his audience as participators rather than passive observers. Castaneda received his BFA from Cooper Union and is currently pursuing an MFA at Hunter College.

Juan Travieso is a Cuban painter currently pursuing his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.He creates meaningful work about the injustices happening in the world today. Some of his works touch on topics like endangered species, the radioactive situations that Japan and Chernobyl are fighting, unsafe energy plants, and the embrace of sustainable and renewable energies. Travieso uses saturated color to create realistic paintings with geometrically abstract additions.

Edwige Charlot is a Haitian French artist printmaker living and working in Portland, ME. She is inspired by processes of examination, inquisition, and reflection. Her artworks and projects attempt to reconcile and explore perceptions, assumptions, and bias. Edwige uses different methods of printmaking to create delicate pieces of art that contain three-dimensional elements.

Dianne Hebbert is a Nicaraguan American artist based in Brooklyn, New York, currently freelancing in production and arts administration. She creates narratives by combining figures and imagined environments. These art works are made with a variety of mediums including printmaking (etching), paint, ink, and charcoal.
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